Oh my Lucky Stars!!

So, if you all remember yesterdays post, you'll know that i'm looking to make some stars for Sammy's pillow. So after perusing the interwebs last night i decided to,
1. Buy this pattern from Kristy... not for Sammy's pillow, just cause it's awesome and i want to make one to match my Christmas quilt.
2. Borrow this book from my public library in hopes of finding something that will look good in a small size, to use for Sammy's pillow.
3. Join Don't Call Me Betsy's Lucky Stars BOM Club, mainly because these one's are so awesome, but also because i'm looking for stars.

So today i started here...

The fabrics i pulled are from my Christmas quilt stack... not very Christmasy, i know... to see the rest of the fabrics (which are definitely Christmasy, well wintery at least) click here.
I spent a bit of extra time labeling all the pieces with the proper fabric choices, so i wouldn't have a repeat of yesterday when i pieced the wrong fabric in the wrong place.

Then this happened...

The top right is the correct one, the other three i somehow managed to sew the pieces down on the wrong side of the seam allowance... but after a quick fix, i had these...

And after they all were stitched together...

It's not perfect, and i'm stiil working to get everything to line up, something isn't quite right with that bottom right quarter. But i like it! If it was for anyone but myself i'd probably take the quarters apart and try to line them up again but because i'm keeping it, it's fine! I'll be putting it into the stack that will eventually be my Starry Christmas Quilt!

And in other news. Remember the little quick and easy stroller quilt i was making for a little boy's first birthday gift... the one out of flannel receiving blankets? I totally forgot to post pics of the finish!

I went ahead and tried a wrap around binding instead of the traditional binding, it went okay, i think regular binding is easier, but that could be because i'm used to doing it.

It's backed in two Kaufman flannels that are way softer than the receiving blankets i made the front with! Seriously soft people. Like i want to make myself a whole cloth quilt with them and live in it forever!

We went to the birthday party last Sunday and the blanket was a hit!... with the adults at least. All the kids preferred the Radio Flyer!

My little Max testing the radio flyer before we have to give it away!

High fives for the weekend!
xo snips

Linking up with the party peeps over at crazy mom quilts, Finish it Up Fridays!
And what!! another PPP link up over at Quiet Play... 2 in one week, i'm awesome... spread the word.

Does anyone get my humor?, sometimes i wonder if people just think i'm conceded and/or possibly crazy...
... at least that's what the voices in my head are wondering... well two of them anyways, the rest haven't reached a consensus yet ;)


  1. You are hilarious!! Your star is cool and what a great idea for a starry Christmas quilt!! The stroller quilt turned out fabulous; I love the dotty binding and I can tell how soft that flannel is from here!! Great finish!! Have a fun weekend!M

  2. Love this flannel quilt! So cute and perfect for that little guy!

  3. Haha I think you're funny! I also wonder the same thing when I'm writing - sure sounds funny in my head but whether it translates to text... who knows ;)

    Love your new star - it's very pretty! I think it sounds like a great idea for a Christmas quilt.

    Lovely flannel quilt too. You've been so productive!

  4. Wow! You've rocked the week with 2 links to Kristy! Love your star :)

  5. what a great star!! and that stroller quilt is too cute. What a great idea to make a quilt out of receiving blankets.

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  6. You know what - I'm learning to embrace the imperfections. It's handmade! If it isn't being judged on its technical merits it totally ok if it looks handmade - right?? Beautiful work. :)

    Find me @ theboredzombie.com

  7. What a great gift! It is just perfect for a baby boy!
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo com
    ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com

  8. Love! What fun projects! I totally get your humor and find myself literally laughing out loud at times when I read your posts! Keep up the good work!


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