Starry Night!

Drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... (drum roll for effect)...

I just don't know what to say about this quilt... i'm so proud of it. HST quilts can get tedious, in this one there are 238 HST's, which means that when you square them up that's 952 sides that need to be cut. Then the pressing...and pressing and pressing. But then you get to arrange, and rearrange (you know, to get that perfectly random look), that's what i find most fun! Then the quilting... normally most of my quilts are just straight line quilted, but for this one i thought i might try something different. So i chose to quilt 1/4 in from every seam on the solid grey (Kona Iron BTW.)

I love the way it looks! I also had a few random full squares of grey that i quilted the whole square. I like quilts that are still a bit floofy after quilting, and this one is! 

For those that regular my blog you'll know that i like to keep my backs simple...

 ...usually a solid piece of fabric with a bit of something else mixed in. So for this back i used a strip of Supernova with the same grey Kona on either side.

I had originally planned on using the Supernova print for the binding but once the quilt was ready for it i thought it was too busy. So i swapped it out for the Constellation print in aqua and i'm so glad i did. I think it frames it perfectly!

Quilt Stats
  •  Name - Starry Night
  • Finished size - 43" x 63"
  • Fabrics used - Mostly the Constellations line by Lizzy House,  with some other assorted coordinating solids and prints.
  • Quilted - by me :)
  • Another one off  my 2013 FAL list!
 I guess that's it! This one is up in the shop and wanting a new home! SOLD Remember, free shipping until May 12th!

Another 238 high fives, this time for finishing this one off!
xo snips


  1. It turned out so awesome! I love your choice of binding, and the quilting is really interesting!

  2. Gorgeous!! Holy cow that is a ton of HST and pressing...but it looks amazing!! I love, love, love those colors! Great job!

  3. The quilting is PERFECT, I love it! Congrats on the finish, you have lots to be proud of here.

  4. Wow! What an amazing quilt! I love everything about it.

  5. Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog and for your comment. I love your starry quilt, you have great taste in fabrics. I see you're using indian summer next..that's on my list too, so cute! Look forward to seeing the finished product.

  6. This quilt is gorgeous!! HST's wear me out too! I think all of the "trimming to size" gets tedious. I absolutely love how the quilting on the back echoes the front. When you look at it, it's so interesting!

  7. this is awesome! great job and hooray for finishes. :)

  8. Isn't it funny to do "the math" with quilting parts - staggering numbers so you'd think we wouldn't do it but oh well, we're quilters and it's worth it in the end! Love the choices you made with the binding and backing. I often change my mind when I get to those steps. The quilting features the perfect renadomness well.

  9. I love the fabric combo - gray, blue and aqua. Too pretty to sell!

  10. Wonderful quilt and I loved the story of the quilt's "journey". And that's what makes quilting so great--it's always a journey of discovering what you and your "vision" are made of!

  11. Wow this is so beautiful! I love everything, your fabric choice, your hindering, quilting - seriously a lovely finish!


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