Another finish for my 3rd quarter FAL list!

I spent most of the day Wednesday getting it finished up and was able to snap a few photo's today. And while getting this one ready for it's glamour shots i also realized that i never blogged about Sammy's quilt that i made to match. So here's a shot of it!

I made Sammy's for his second birthday and picked up enough of all the same fabrics to make Max's.
They share a room and while i wanted them to match i didn't want them to be the same quilt.

The quilting on Sammy's is obviously more simple than Max's, though i did think going in that Max's was going to be pretty easy... quilting a quarter inch inside all the pluses, no problem! Well that equal's 468 corners to turn! And my poor little old Ken doesn't have one of those fancy automatic foot lifters, So it was... sew two inches, stop, reach through, lift foot, swivel quilt, drop foot, sew two inches, stop, reach through... you get the idea!

I also changed up my binding size on Max's. Normally i cut 2.5 inch strips for my binding, but lately i've been machine stitching them down and i'm finding they're a little big. So i dropped a quarter inch and gave a 2.25 a try.

I like it! It was a good size to work with and i think it's now going to be my standard size!

You all know i'm a sucker for Sarah Jane's fabrics and this rocket print from her Children at Play line is my all time fave!

I wish i had bought yardage of it, i would love to make sheets for my little guys beds with it!

I have made Sammy a pillow case out of it and i think i'll make Max one out of the paper hats/boats print, easily my second fave!

My only disappointment with Max's quilt would be the back.

I love the way the quilting looks, but i wish i had of not been so impatient with it. Instead of backstitching at the end of each plus i should have pulled the threads through to the back and tied them off. Then stitched them into the quilt. Or used a darker thread in my bobbin. Oh well, i'm sure Max isn't going to care! 

And now that i'm looking at it, the top left corner and bottom right are a bit sparse in the quilting... should i be concerned about that? 

Anyhoo, quilt stats :

Size : 43 x 48
Fabrics : prints - all from Sarah Jane's Children at Play line
          : solids - the light grey is Kona Iron for sure, the other grey on the front is either Kona Steel or Coal.  And the backing is Kona Charcoal. As for the blues, i know that the brighter one is Kona Bahama and i'm about 85% sure that the lighter is Kona Aqua. And we all know what my luck is with white fabrics... your guess is as good as mine! And i also have no idea what the binding is.
Quilted by me on my little old Ken with 50wt grey something, possibly Mettler, though it could be Gutterman.
You're welcome... i'm just a wealth of knowledge here today folks ;)

The stats for Sammy's are the same as Max's except it's bigger... how much bigger, i don't know.
I'd measure it but he's sleeping under it right now and that would involve a flashlight, and tiptoeing  and the potential of him waking up and wanting to move into my bed and all kinds of craziness that i'm just not prepared to deal with at the present moment!

So, what do i have planned next? Well, thanks for asking... now that i'm finished with Max's 1st birthday quilt, i guess i can safely start on his 2nd birthday quilt! It's not until the end of February but we need to take into consideration how long it actually takes me to finish anything. So do you all remember this stack... be used for Sammy's 4th birthday quilt, (also needed by February) well it's grown and is going to be used for both my little guys.

But more on this another day!

High fives for a quilty finish!
xo snips

Getting my link on with Kelly and Amanda Jean as always, and you should too!



  1. It turned out so cute! How sweet to have matchy quilts, but still unique. Love all those fabrics you used.

  2. These are so cute. I love that you make birthday quilts for your kids. That is such a great idea!!

  3. It's gorgeous! I backstitch when I'm straight line quilting too - I've still never pulled threads through on a quilt ;o)

  4. fabulous finish, i will give you a high 10 for that. I think Sarah's Children at Play line is my all time favorite fabric line and i do love that rocket print. I think it is the graph paper lines in the print that sealed the deal. Definitely, never, ever wake a sleeping child for quilt dimensions. I love the growing fabric stacks; your boys are sooo lucky! Have a good weekend :)

  5. Congrats on your finish! Don't worry about the back side.

  6. Loooove these quilts and the fabric and designs you chose. They look great together but definitely read well as different quilts for different boys. I'm excited to see what designs you use on that next lovely bundle.

  7. That Sarah Jane's rocket print is pretty awesome! I love that you made these quilts with some of the same fabrics and made them totally different at the same time. Nice job momma! I can't believe your going to make them more quilts for their next birthday! You are amazing/crazy!

    No reason to wake the boy. I bet he had sweet dreams under that quilt.

    P.S. I like that those corners don't have any quilting. Looks good to me :)

  8. It's really nice! I chose to do echo quilting like that on a bed size quilt once as well, and totally regretted it once I started BUT in the end, it was worth it. I really like the effect.

  9. Oh, wow! I love the complimentary but not matching quilts. Both good choices all around. :)

  10. I think we sew on the same machine! I have a 10+ year old Kenmore ("Daphne") that has the same front/threading mechanism as your machine. I'm very impressed with your quilting - how do you manage to fit your quilt in the machine?

  11. this is a fabulous finish! The plus quilting is wonderful and I love how it matches the other one, but not exactly!

    Thank you so much for sharing this at Needle and Thread Thursday!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  12. Love both these quilts! I really like how they complement each other. Can"t wait to see what's next

  13. Congratulations! They are lovely. Such wonderful gifts for your kids. :)

  14. Great finish, such a cute pair of quilts. I love you new stack as well too!

  15. Gorgeous quilts, love the crosses quilting, it looks fab and I totally wouldn't worry about the backstitching it adds character :) You're as good as me with the Konas ....I can never remember... always mean to make a note and then it never happens!

  16. Congratulations - it looks fantastic!


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